Dr C P Ravikumar

For parents with children with epilepsy, here’s some advice concerning diet, activities, swimming, and lifestyle:

1.Diet: Normal home made diet, NO food needs to be avoided, Some myths to avoid banana etc, No evidence.

2.Avoid Triggers: Some foods or additives might act as triggers for seizures. While triggers can vary between individuals, common culprits include certain food colorings, preservatives, and high-sugar items and avoid junk

3.Balanced Nutrition: Ensure your child receives a balanced diet rich in nutrients essential for brain health and overall well-being


1. Safe Enviornments: Ensure that play and activity areas are safe to minimize the risk of injury during a seizure

2.Monitor Intensity: Be mindful of activities that might be too physical.
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Dr C P Ravikumar

Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore