Dr C P Ravikumar

Publications and Awards

  • Review Article: A clinical case study and medical nutritional therapy in pediatric meningioencephalitis, IP Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Health Science 2020;3(3):85–89

  • A pictorial review:Depicting the Superiority of Contrast-Enhanced FLAIR Sequence in Detecting the Meningeal Enhancement in Pediatric Patients with Meningitis at the European Society of Radiology, ECR 2020.

  • Poster Presentation: Ketogenic Diet experience in children less than two years of age with refractory epilepsy at 2016

  • Poster Presentation: Use of Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy in Batten Disease, ICNC 2016.

  • Research Paper: Ketogenic diet therapy in infants less than two years of age for medically refractory epilepsy by Naila Ismayilova, Mary-Anne Leung, Ravi Kumar, Martin Smith, Ruth E. Williams. Seizure, Volume 57, 2018, Pages 5-7, ISSN 1059-1311.

  • Research Journal:Clinical and Biochemical Spectrum of Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency Due to MOCS2 Mutations by Seema Thakur, Shubhnita Singh, Ketki Vinod Kudalkar, Arndt Rolfs, Elham Kashani, Christian Beetz, Manish Parakh, Ravikumar Sowmya, Chinthalapalli Prakash Ravi Kumar, Anil Bansidhar Jalan; Volume 20 Issue 4, Page 99 – 107.

  • Poster Presentation:Nutrition Therapy and Challenges in the Treatment of Glycogen Storage Disease III.  Edwina Raj, C P Ravikumar, Kaiser Raja, ChethanGingeri; ISIEM conference, Pune, 19th – 20th June 2019.

  • 1stPrize at IAPEN Clinical Nutrition Congress 2019. Edwina Raj, C P Ravikumar, Aruna Devi, Efficacy of Ketogenic diet in drug-resistant epilepsy, Poster presentation at Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Mumbai, 9th Feb 2019.