Dr C P Ravikumar


Dr C P Ravikumar

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Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar is a Pediatric Neurologist with experience of over 20 years in dealing with Complex Neurological disorders besides being dedicated to Pediatrics throughout his practice.
Having completed his MBBS from Bangalore University, he pursued his Post Graduate training in Pediatrics from Royal College of Pediatrics, the United Kingdom in 2013. Dr. Ravi received his training in Clinical Neurology from the prestigious Evelina Children’s Hospital and St. George Hospital, London, the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton, and the National Centre for Young Epilepsy, UK, specializing in the treatment of childhood neurological disorders. He also worked as a Specialist Registrar and Consultant Pediatrician and completed a post-CSST Fellowship in Complex Epilepsy in children. He currently practices as a Consultant Pediatric Neurologist at Aster CMI and Aster RV hospital in Bengaluru.
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Dr. Ravi has been a speaker at various conferences on the environmental impact on child development.
He has also been extensively involved in training and is a visiting faculty member at some prestigious institutes, owing to his belief in sharing knowledge with budding specialists.
A philanthropist at heart, he founded the organization, Brain Child Trust, with the vision of developing an integrated child center where child neurologists and developmental pediatricians can work with allied therapists such as Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and an Educational psychologist to assist every disabled to be “The – abled”. Dr. Ravi Kumar is dedicated to educating patients about their medical conditions and concerns and has been instrumental in setting up several multi-disciplinary clinical programs focused on providing a holistic approach for the healing of special children and supporting their care-givers to the best of his capacities.
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To enable comprehensive Child Neuro-care for holistic treatment and healing for children suffering from and neurological or developmental issues across the globe.

Professional Expertise

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Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Dr. Ravi is an Executive Member of the IAP neurology chapter of India and has been actively involved in the subchapter of IAP neurology and neuro-development.
Indian Epilepsy Society
Dr. Ravi is a part of this professional organization of specialists in epilepsy care for educating and raising standards of care for patients with epilepsy.
Association of Child Neurologists of India
Dr. Ravi is a member of this extensive network of professionals involved in the care of children with neurological ailments.
Indian Epilepsy Association
Dr. Ravi has been closely engaged with this patient’s association involved in raising public awareness about neurological conditions and access to quality treatment.
Indian Academy of Neurology
Dr. Ravi is an active member of this reputed association dedicated to research and development for creating better treatment options for neurological care.
National Neonatal Forum of India (NNF)
Dr. Ravi is a part of this group of neonatologists across India involved in raising the standard of care for newborn babies.
The International Child Neurology Association
Dr. Ravi is a member of (ICNA), a respected international group of child neurologists aimed to advance child-care with neurological health conditions throughout the world.
British Pediatric Neurology Association (BPNA)
Faculty Member of BPNA for PET, CHAT, and Train The Trainer program since 2016.